Sunday, August 14, 2011

We All Have a Different Approach by Lila Herceg

Lila demonstrates

The workshop lasted three hours. The kids were chatting away the whole time. Such a great group of kids.

Stephan and Ivan

Those are Ivan little hands. I am very impressed by his English is so good.

Ružica is using glue and skewers to make her trees

This is Mateo's second tree during the camp. He got a minimalist style

Goran using cardboard and a deep plum color.

Our dear Pedrag without him and Maja, Suncokret will not exist for these kids.

Ružica, Stephan, Nikolina, Mateo, Anamarija, Ivan, Matea, Danny and Marko holding their works. They just love to make art. They really do. So proud.

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